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As your listing agent, I will work around the clock to meet your needs. I will dedicate my time and energy to aggressively market your property by hosting open houses, creating a highly dynamic and robust social media marketing plan, and reaching out to buyers’ agents throughout the city. I will also work my hardest to get you the price you deserve for your home.


Are you struggling to find the right home? As your agent, I will work diligently to ensure you find the perfect place at the right price. With an eye for design, great attention to detail, and strong communication skills, I know I will be the perfect agent for you.


Are you in need of a rental? Tired of taking time out of your busy day to run around the city and see rentals you find from Exhausted from communicating with landlords from and Facebook Housing asking for you to transfer money to an offshore account? This is why you should use me!

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Hello, my name is Warren Weiss. I was born and raised in San Antonio and attended school and worked in Los Angeles. I moved to New Orleans because I fell in love with the people, food, culture, and history of this tremendous city. After living in three very different cities, I know how stressful it is to move and transition to a new city.  I want to alleviate the stress in your life by helping you find a new residence. I’d love to assist you in selling your existing home or finding the perfect place to live.

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Are you trying to figure out which New Orleans neighborhood fits your lifestyle? Or are you just trying to elevate your New Orleans experience by reading about neighborhood hot spots? Take a look at “New Orleans with Warren”,  a New Orleans lifestyle and real estate blog . The goal of my blog is to help acquaint you with real estate information, hot spots, events, restaurants, and recreation in each neighborhood. If you find that one of these neighborhoods speaks to you, reach out to me and let me help you make your favorite New Orleans neighborhood your home.